Bella Sanitary Pads – Ultra Thin Long, 9 pcs Pouch

Bella Sanitary Pads – Ultra Thin Long, 9 pcs Pouch

Bella Sanitary Pads – Ultra Thin Long, 9 pcs Pouch


  • Brand: Bella
  • Wings: Ultra wings
  • Core: Super Absorbent Core
  • Package: 9 Pcs Pouch
  • Length: 270mm
  • Thickness: 3mm

Bella Sanitary Pads with Wings – Ultra Long has superfluous absorbency power. This Ultra with its length 270 mm and thickness of only 3 mm is breathable. Buy Sanitary Napkins from Sanitary Napkins Wholesaler as the Pad is roofed with smooth silky drai top sheet with a system of micro-funnels that transports the moisture rapidly and keeps it within the pad, providing you with a feeling of dryness. It allows your skin to respire: the bottom layer efficiently secures underwear from leak and enables AIR FLOW at the same time. This way it protects your skin against annoyances.

Sanitary Napkins Wholesaler presents you an unparalleled secure, comfortable feeling you truly need during your period. Sanitary Napkins Bulk Supplier gives you disposable sanitary pads sports wings on the sides and securely firm give you that implausible dry feeling you have always desired.

Bella Ultra Long from Sanitary Napkins Bulk Supplier is perfect for daily use as it protects against irritations and makes you feel comfortable. On the other hand – high protection is provided by Ultra thin sanitary napkins which are the only breathable in India – made with the use of most modern technology and European standards.

Switch to Bella and find out why sanitary napkins are the best thing to have happened to the world since women.

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